Independent Territories

A name attributed to the human controlled territories that retained autonomy after the Imperial Unification War. The largest group of these territories is found East of the Imperial Remnant, south of the Andar Sea.

These territories are colloquially referred to as The Independent Territories, though the classification technically includes Kethen. However, since the location of Kethen is kept a secret and its existence is not well known, the title generally excludes it.

The colloquial Independent Territories are a loose collection of towns and villages divided up into four sections.

The Andar Shore

The Farmlands

The Stone Hills

The Lumber Lands

Each of these sections is managed by an Ealderman who oversees the day to day business of the territory and coordinates with the other Ealdermen to ensure the flow of trade between their territories and the economic benefits that follow.

During the Unification War, the Independent Territories fought long and hard to maintain their independence. See notes on the war for further details. Due to their history with the Empire, the culture of the territories has been influenced in such a way that they are passionately opposed to nobility ruling their lands, which is why the highest political position held in the area is Ealderman. As such., they lack any sort of centralized government or military, so they rely on adventurers and mercenaries to resolve many of their problems.

Independent Territories

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