The cruelest and most powerful of the Primordial Masters. Hagd’Bar was the ruler of the Central Realm that would one day become the Prime Material Plane. Ruling over the mortals with an uncompromising iron fist, he was the first true villain of the world and now haunts Kelthamin Palace where it lies in the Shadowfel, a shade of his former power.

The story of Hagd’Bar begins well before the rise of the Primordial Masters. Long, long ago, before anyone cared to count the years or name the ages, creation was being formed by a group of beings called The Eternals, beings who did not represent ideas, but rather they were those ideas given form and thought. At this time, the Incarnum flowed like water and much of the world was still waiting to be formed. The beings like Hagd’Bar, those that would soon become the Primordial Masters were, at this time, the servants of The Eternals, soulless constructs created to manipulate Incarnum and act as custodians of the world, shaping the world into being using the songs of creation sung by the Eternals to define the world around them from nothingness.

Hagd’Bar was once a servant to the two lovers among the Eternals, Life and Death. His story begins with the creation of the mortals. Life had created the Primordials and was thus master of them. She realized that there was something missing within them, that essence of mortality that would allow them to travel from her realm to her lover’s. It is then that she crafted her idea for how she would create the mortals she so desired, she would have to become them, for life must, by necessity, personify itself. And so it went that Life broke herself up into tiny fragments and each of the pieces became the mortals that inhabit the world today, each beginning on a path to reunite with Death, lover to all of life.

Hagd’Bar saw these mortals and was disgusted by their weakness. He was tasked with shaping the world around them to suit their needs while something as small as a sharpened rock could pierce their being and end their existence, as far as he understood it anyway. When he created things that killed the little mortals, Death chastised him, worrying over them like a mother hen, and threatened Hagd’Bar with destruction. But this taught Bar two very important things: He and his were no longer the favorites of the Eternals, and if these mortals were Life, one of the Eternals, and he could so easily harm them, then the Eternals must be vulnerable as well. He began speaking to the other Primordials and soon he had very nearly incited the rebellion that he had begun to crave.

The Primordials struck all at once. They had been created by the Eternals and worked their wonders, so they knew most how to hurt them. And the sweetest part of their revenge was that the Eternals would unknowingly be undone by one of their own. The Primordials descended on the world and came to the mortals as they had many times before to bestow gifts from their masters. This time, they granted the mortals a gift of their own making: They granted them the gift of language. And as the first words were spoken, the damage was done. For in speaking, they began to define the world around them and in doing so, bound the Eternals. As this language spread, all Eternals were bound save for one. Death had been given form by this turn of events, but the mortals that spoke of him could never completely define him because it is impossible for a living mortal to truly know death.

Time progressed and the Primordials established themselves as the Primordial Masters, death evading them at every turn, and impossible to catch as smoke. The Masters convened and realized that they would need to bind Death somehow outside of the words they had so cleverly created. So they sought council from beyond the Astral Realm. They delved into the roiling chaos past the boundaries of the chaos to the beings that live there in a place where time and space have no meaning. From these beings they exchanged secret bargains in exchange for thoughts and concepts from beyond their world. Taking these, they forged them into chains to hold death. The Masters tracked Death to a section of the Central Realm. Rather than seek him out, Hagd’Bar performed his most profane action yet, the act that solidified his rulership over the Central Realm and established him as the most powerful of the Primordial Masters. He sang, and in a parody, a mockery of the songs of creation used to sing the world into creation, he sang a Song of Destruction and destroyed an entire chunk of the Central Realm in which Death stood, leaving nothing but its shadow, creating the Shadowfel. Having nowhere to hide, Death was taken by the Masters and bound in this new place by his former servants by chains beyond his ken. And from then on, Death was forced to watch the world from his chains as the Primordial Masters abused his lover again and again, unable to free himself. And no mortal could ever free Death unless they were somehow able to understand concepts from beyond their world, unless they could somehow see the chains being made.

Countless years passed, as the Primordial Masters ruled the Astral Realms. Hagd’Bar engaged his talent for artifice and crafted constructs for himself, as did the other Masters, but none were so grand as those of Hagd’Bar. The constructs of a Primordial Master allowed them greater precision with which to manipulate the Incarnum and affect the world. When the Eternals were bound, it lessened their power as well, and their constructs allowed them to maintain the control they needed. The Constructs of Hagd’Bar were many and wonderous, but none more so than his Palace, from which he could control his other constructs. It was from here that he ruled over his realm. That is, until Ur came to challenge him.


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