Age of Miracles

The Age of Miracles is the first of the Ages of the World that history is willing to remember. It is, in fact the second true age, following what is known only to a few as the Age of Horrors.

The Age of Miracles began with the ascension of Ur, first and greatest of the gods. When Ur struck down Hagd’Bar, the Primordial Master of the Central Realm that would one day become the Material Plane and achieved godhood, he sent ripples throughout the Astral Realms. Others heard of his success and he began a rebellion against the masters. He traveled the realms helping others rise up and fight against the Masters. Those that fought by Ur’s side would later become the gods, replacing the Masters as rulers of the realms.

A war was waged and the gods retreated to Ur’s home, the Central Realm. The free peoples of the world gathered around Ur and his followers and they formed Jerendicar, Bastion of Justice and the first city. The gods made this their stronghold in the war against the Masters, shaping the world and giving it definition around them. In this age, the stones flowed like water and followed the words of all who spoke.

There was a time of relative quiet during the war when the gods gave the world around them shape and form and the free peoples of the Central Realm lived in happiness and harmony. However, evil stirred and plotted against them. The four elemental realms, those closest to the Central Realm were the homes to Hagd’Bar’s four children whose names are Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These four sought to avenge their father and end the rebellion of the free peoples. They began an assault on the Central Realm. The Earth quaked, Seas surged, Fires blazed, and Wind whipped the land with storms.

Ur knew that this could only end in one way. He knew that the strength of the Primordial masters was in their unity, and that when separated they were nothing. He went to face the four children of Hagd’Bar in the area that would become known later as the Mardoon Wilds. He did battle with the four, but he was outnumbered and none came to his aid. The four struck him a mortal blow, but this was all as Ur had planned it. With one final surge of his power, Ur extended himself across the entirety of the realms and erected a barrier between them of his bones. As he divided the realms up and forced them apart, his blood spilled in the places in between, causing a massive flood. This flooded place in between became the Astral Sea and the realms became divided up into planes, separated from each other.

With the planes separated, the remaining gods were able to travel from plane to plane, hunting down the Primordial Masters who were now each isolated on their own islands on the Astral Sea, and the blood and bones of Ur would not let them leave.

In the wake of this, the gods each returned to their home realms to rule over them. However, the Central Realm, now the Material Plane, was left without one to rule over it. The gods decided that, in honor or Ur, the Material Plane would be left free, but the gods would watch over its people together, leaving the people of the plane to rule themselves.

Age of Miracles

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