Warrior's Green

The Kingdom of Serros was one of the Three Great Kingdoms of Man that held a part in the Covenant of the Tower. During the reign of Queen Lahar, a charismatic leader rose among the hobgoblins of the surrounding wilds. Gatha the Unyielding, as he came to be known, united the hobgoblins and trained them into an army capable of threatening nations. He supplemented his forces with the goblin clans of the Eckren Depths from inside the Bryre Mountains.

The goblins of Clan Ghirrak attacked the outlying villages and arms of Serros, prompting a military response from Queen Lahar, beginning the War of Sprinhael, one of the bloodiest wars mankind would ever see.

It was easy at the beginning, the army stretched itself thin, but supplemental forces were sent from the other kingdoms when the army threatened to spill into their lands. Things came to a head at the battle of Lucris Valley where Gatha’s army gained the upper hand after a surprise suicide charge by Xinras Worg Riders from the ridge. All appeared lost until the queen and her bodyguard Halsea Qowin fought their way to Gatha and dealt him a mortal blow, forcing his army into retreat.

Gatha’s forces retreated and the day was won. Gatha lie there dying, but he would not give up so easily. Baphomet had a hold on the Bryre Mountains and there were some who took issue with that. Gatha swore his allegience to Yeenoghu, lord of the Gnolls. Gatha became more besital and his wounds healed. Soon packs of hyenas began showing up and harassing the populous, and before long, gnolls began supplementing Gatha’s army.

With his army returned and reinforced with new, fearsome troops, they began to push harder and further than before. The advance forces sent out by the Queen were utterly destroyed and it became quickly apparent that they could not defeat these beasts in the field.

The Queen’s armyh evacuated the surrounding villages and farmland, sacrificing many of their lives to get them into the safety of the walls of Arshan. Once inside, Gatha’s army surrounded the city and hammered on its gate while its inhabitants sat and prayed for their salvation.The army fought bravely and as their numbers dwindled more able bodied citizens took up arms to defend their homes.

On the evening of the ninth day, when all hope seemed lost, with the gate splintering and the Queen’s army was nearly entirely comprised of citizens instead of soldiers, whose hearts had begun to falter, a boat sailed in from the east on the Narad River carried on prevailing winds. From the ship, Parquin Stormlord and one hundred of Gauldin’s best skirmishers arrived.

Almost immediately, the lord of storms unleashed the heavens on the attacking army, blinding them and allowing the skirmishers to harass them and cut off their supplies over the next night. By the following morning, the storm had cleared, revealing a full complement of Farethin’s best cavalry, led by Sister Denroy of the Church of Pelor.

The citizens were rallied by this arrival and threw open the gates, charging out to take their enemy in the field. Caught between the renewed citizens, an elite cavalry charge, and the wrath of the Storm Lord, Gatha’s army was forced back to Lierre Field.

It is here that the Queen, Halsen, Parquin, and Sister Denroy, faced off against Gatha and his honor guard. After a long, hard battle, Gatha was slain and his army was scattered. Serros was saved, though the damage was done and this would eventually lead to its downfall.

In the aftermath, Lierre Field was cleared and dedicated as a cemetery to honor those who fell in defense of Arshan. The field was renamed Warrior’s Green, to let all know who would hear it that all who are buried there shall be honored as warriors.

After the fall of Serros, the Green fell into disrepair with no one maintaining it. Intense rains in the year of [[Sky’s Sorror]] turned the field into a bog and villages in the surrounding area were abandoned as the land turned sour. The large concentration of unguarded corpses eventually drew those that focus on the dark arts, and Warrior’s Green became known as an area infested with the undead.

Warrior's Green

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