The Well of Yesterdays and the Spring of Tomorrows

Deep within the Mardoon Wilds, beyond the Hellions Grove and at the foot of the Grasping Spire sits a small cave. In this cave is a pool of clear water. No life is in evidence within this cave, no plants, no flies, nothing. Nature dares not enter here.

During the day, the pool is nothing special, clear water bubbles up gently, providing refreshment in this blasted land. However, should one enter the pool at night, with the light of the moons shining upon its surface through the hole above, they will be able to witness its wonder.

Entering into the circles of light produced by the two moons will cause something very peculiar to happen. Anything that enters into the light produced by Ithilien will begin to age rapidly. Anything that stays in the light will eventually age into dust and be washed away in the pool. In contrast, anything that enters into the light of Rorenuj will do the opposite, and begin reversing in age. Anything that stays in this pool for too long will rapidly age backwards until they are reduced to their base components.

There is a moment, during each lunar cycle, when the light of the two moons overlaps, just for a moment. For anyone that enters into the light at this precise moment, time stands perfectly still and the whole world waits for them to exit.

The Well of Yesterdays and the Spring of Tomorrows

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