The Twelve Angry Spirits of Talwyn

There were many kingdoms within humanity prior to the founding of the Three Great Kingdoms of Man, and chief among them in treachery and corruption was Talwyn. So treacherous was this nation that the royal family and their court lived in a constant state of paranoia. This paranoia is what would be their undoing. Rindar Tel took advantage of this state to use as an audition for the Synod of the New World.

He appeared to the kingdom as a court wizard seeking employment. He was hired and subsequently met privately with 12 members of the royal family and court. He sold them all an enchantment to preserve their lives in the event of a betrayal.

Believing themselves to have a safeguard from death, the twelve tore the nation apart through their scheming, plotting, and backstabbing. By the end, Talwyn was no more and the twelve were dead. Their tortured souls were trapped in the gallery of the abandoned castle, bound in place and in plain sight for all to see the results of their hubris, each one being tortured in a different way.

In death, each of them gained power from their torment, a power that was fueled by their pain and rage. Knowing that Tel could return at any time and claim them as his servants, an order of Knight Paladins found the gallery and keeps a constant watch on the souls trapped there in order to prevent their escape.

The Twelve Angry Spirits of Talwyn

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