The Order of the Adament

Long ago, there was a group of adventurers who were pure of heart and noble of deed. History has long since forgotten their names, but their mark on the world can still be seen. During their travels, these adventurers discovered the means of creating an unbreakable metal called Adamantium. They forged their armor and weapons from this metal, making them nigh invincible, allowing their valorous adventures to reach new heights. During their adventures, they encountered a deep rooted conspiracy of corruption by a Cult of Baphomet that was working to allow their dark lord to conquer the mortal plane. Being unable to face this threat alone, the adventurers began recruiting additional members, gradually forming an order in which each member was armored in Adamantium. These members were chosen for martial ability and a sense of morality as adamant as their armor.

The cult was purged from Arshan, capitol of the ancient kingdom of Kalendar, which later fell (partially as a result of the cults actions) and became part of the great human kingdom of Serros. With the cult’s hold on Arshan broken, the adventurers pushed them back to the Fortress of the Beast King, deep in the Bryre Mountains. Once there, the cult, now revealed to be the Heralds of the Horned Prince, summoned an aspect of Baphomet.

The adventurers did bloody battle with The Trampler and after a long fight, Baphomet as defeated and the day was won. However, before he left the mortal plane, Baphomet cursed the Order with the Adament Curse that would curse them to lose their weapons and armor to theft and treachery.

After this day, the Adament was a revered body in their region, sought after for their wisdom, steadfast dedication to good, and strength in battle. So revered was the Order that two of its founders caught the eye of Lady Elwyen, fey ruler of the Misty Grove. Lady Elwyen was known for her enthralling allure, but the founders of the order were convinced that with their steadfast vigilance, they would not fall victim to her charms as most mortal men did. So they both decided to court her. They were correct in thinking that this lady of the fey would not be able to corrupt them, however they were defenseless against the corruption that lies in the hearts of all men.

One day, while one of them was with Lady Elwyen in a spring, mischievous Fey stole his weapons and armor, falling prey to Baphomet’s curse. Soon after, the other founder stumbled onto his brother in arms naked in “his” lady’s domain. He drew his blade and swung at his brother, who was defenseless without his arms or armor, and was slain. After Lady Elwyen came upon this scene and cursed his name and order for daring to shed blood in her domain and again for thinking that he had any ownership over her heart.

Thus, thrice cursed, the founder returned to his Order which had been threaded through with lies. Soon, infighting tore the order apart as the curses three ravaged the Order of the Adament from the land.

Their arms and armor were scatterred to the winds, still cursed by Baphomet, and the Order was forgotten, along with the means of creating the metal that gave them their name.

The Order of the Adament

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