Among the ancient trees of the mighty Veiled Wood stands the most ancient and grand of the cities of the land: Llellenwyn. During the reign of Queen Veren the Allmighty, first ruler of the elves, whose dynasty has long since been lost. the stones of this land were shaped like flowing water and frozen into the shape of towering spires and broad avenues of glittering alabaster stone. The stones themselves were woven into the barrier between worlds, offering the city the protection the rest of the veiled wood benefits from. Throughout the ages, Llellenwyn has never been tested by battle, protected by the miles of forest surrounding it.

Of course, the city has not always been called Llellenwyn. During the first days of the Age of Miracles when the city was being formed. It was the first bastion of the free peoples under the protection of the gods as they shaped the world and erected the barriers between worlds and separated the planes from each other and flooded the Astral Sea. During these days, the city was called Jerendicar, Bastion of Justice. During these days, its walls were assaulted by all manner of extraplanar beings who wished to break the barriers and assault the seat of the gods. But the city held and the gods prevailed.
The walls and spires of the city still stand, woven through with plants and trees that offer shade and food to the people of the city.

After the events of the War of the Stone, Llellen the Wise, last scion of Veren, took the Stone of Hagd’Bar into himself and used its energy to become one with the veiled wood. This allowed him to banish the darkness from within the stone into the Shadowfell, along with the Kelthamin Palace that would act as its prison. In the palace’s place, Llellen grew into a massive tree, The Galenvul or God Tree whose trunk and roots shaped themselves into a new home for the royal family and whose shape would acquiesce to all those of royal blood. Llellen’s presence remained in the Galenvul, providing guidance and comfort to the future generations of kings and queens of the elves, and protection to the city.

Deep in the roots of the Galenvul sits the Hall of Remembrance, the only part of the old palace to remain after the growth of the great tree, and theorized to be the location where Llellen went through his transformation. The Hall is a sort of shrine to the greatest heroes of the elves who have died. Many go there asking the ancient heroes for guidance or wisdom, and sometimes, when the mood strikes them, the heroes respond.

Across the city is a natural cavern that has been expanded across the years. This massive spherical chamber is the [[Cavern of Echoes], the record of elven history where one can hear the voices of the past speak the history of their time.


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